It only took forever to announce the brand new PlayStation models

Today at the Sony PlayStation event, Sony announced both of their brand new upcoming consoles.

The first one announced is formerly known as the “PlayStation Slim” and is now simply the PlayStation 4. It doesn’t make sense, but let me explain. The new PlayStation 4 comes with a brand new sleeker and slimmer redesign, physical console buttons on the console itself and the ability to up convert to 4K.

There is no news yet on the controller redesign, however several leaks suggest a new light bar on the front of the controller as well as a redesign of the button mapping.

Sony also announced what was formerly known as the “PlayStation Neo,” which is now known as the PlayStation Pro. The the PlayStation Pro will feature high dynamic range and boast 4K resolution.

Fortunately for gamers worldwide, you will be able to reuse all old content and the new unit will bolster two times the GPU power of the original PS4 and clock in at a higher frame rate. You can top all that off with 1TB of disk space.

The PlayStation Pro will feature a more robust physical entourage that stores its components. In rudimentary terms, it’s bigger.

The PlayStation 4 will release on September 15th for $299 and the PlayStation Pro will release on November 15th for $399.

All content remains the same. You won’t need special upgrades or disks other than the HDR upgrade coming to all PlayStation 4 models next week!

It is also worth noting that all 4K will come from the HDR and the PlayStation Pro will not support 4K Blu-ray DVDs.

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