Ten million subscribers and counting for World of Warcraft

A couple months ago, World of Warcraft was in a state of decline. Blizzard had announced subscriber numbers had fallen below seven million, no new content had been released in over a year, and people were still upset over Pandas. Then, Blizzard showcased a plethora of news and information for the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion, including a sweet cinematic trailer that had Spielberg crapping his pants and a six part animated series about the “warlords” players would be seeing in the upcoming expansion. And since launch last Thursday, Blizzard announced today that World of Warcraft has surpassed ten million subscribers. With the new Garrison features, bringing back all the old lore that had players originally fall in love with, cutting out abilities to allow ease of access to new players, and a free level 90 boost for anyone who purchased the expansion, how could anyone not expect an increase in subscribers?

So far, I am in love with the new expansion. The Garrison is incredibly addicting, I have one level 100 Death Knight so far, and I am working on leveling my monk right now. Questing is awesome, with bonus objectives spread out across the map that reward enormous xp. Rare elites are spread across the map that reward high level gear and Garrison resources. Anyway, if you are reading this and are wondering if Warlord’s is worth the investment to get back into WoW, the answer is a resounding YES. And don’t worry about having to purchase Mists of Pandaria or any former expansions if you haven’t played in a while, Blizzard upgraded every players account to Mist’s of Pandaria so you only need to purchase Warlords of Draenor.

SOURCE: Dualshockers

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