Shut Up & Take Monday: What game do you need to buy this week?

As the treacherous Black Friday – I mean Black Thursday – approaches, the slew of ads are starting to leak out with the traditional “wait five hours to get $5.00 off” line. With most people, they can wait the extra week to see what deals they may be able to snag. For gamers, however, it seems as though this week is where the money is going to be.

Starting tomorrow, Far Cry 4, Little Big Planet 3, Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Friday), Dragon Age: Inquisition, and WWE 2K15, and Grand Theft Auto V (both on the current generation of consoles) all release this week. I know, my wallet hurts already too.

It’s hard to wait for that possible deal that may come next week when you could be riding elephants in Kyrat or hijacking cars and solving murder mysteries starting tomorrow.

What games do you need this week? Not even a $10 price drop could sway you to wait? Let us know!


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