MMO Goats!

You guys, Goat Simulator is getting the MMO treatment.  A trailer has been released and everything!  According to Gamespot, the expansion for the MMO version will be released through Steam on Thursday.  Please watch the gameplay trailer.

Goat Simulator has enjoyed unexpected success since it was released, and Coffee Stain Studios, has created this update as a thank you to the fans.  It would also appear, according to the trailer, that they have received a ton of requests for an MMO version of the game.

The imagery and gameplay is an obvious omage to WOW, and parody or not, this game really appears to nail it.  It is difficult for me to imagine anyone over at Blizzard getting mad about this, I certainly hope they don’t.

Seriously though, watch the trailer, if you do not laugh out loud when they “develop” the fantasy elements, then you are the problem.


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