Mighty Bloke E3 2016 Predicitons

You know it! I know it! Everyone in the back knows it! E3 2016 is the place to be and it ALL starts tomorrow! In the instance that all you “youngins” don’t get the reference; Triple H used to say things like this all the time as the Heavyweight Champion of the World. Consider E3 in the same regard.

We decided to put together a little ditty of our ramblings about all the press conferences. We discuss Bethesda, EA, Nintendo (or lack thereof), Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony.
There’s a lot of laughs. I think someone cried, (tears of misery, not happiness) and at one point someone had to go to the bathroom really bad. We talk a lot of garbage about a lot of your favorite companies and it’s all in good fun.
We hope you’ll enjoy our E3 predictions and we look forward to sharing in the coverage with you all week starting tomorrow!

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