Free Shadow of Mordor DLC features Lithariel

If you haven’t played Monolith’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, I suggest you do so RIGHT NOW! It’s seriously one of the better games you’ll be able to get ahold of to close out this year and into the beginning of the next.

For those who have already finished the campaign and are looking for a bit of additional content, look no further because your next “update” for the game will include the newest DLC for FREE!

The DLC is said to feature a new skill, epic rune, and a neat new mode that will definitely be a challenge for seasoned and amateur gamers alike. The challenge is called “Power of Defiance,” and in it you will be playing as Lithariel (you run into her as Talion in the main storyline) which means that you won’t have access to any wraith abilities. The new mode will prove that much more difficult without the help from Celebrimbor and with deaths being permanent.

These new features seem interesting enough to me to dish out a few bucks for, but the fact that they’re free is even more legit!

Source: Gameinformer

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