E3 2016: Sony reactions

So it’s the last conference of the show (or at least the one everyone REALLY cares about), and man… did they bring it. If you happened to miss it, I want you to find a feed somewhere and then come back and read this later. It’s that important.

So this dude who looks like a modern day pirate comes out and starts conducting the orchestra. It’s epic as FUUUUHHH to say the least, especially the dude who looked like Stone Cold ripping it on the violin. What comes right after is even better… it’s Kratos, and he’s going to teach his son a thing or two about hunting. They embark through the woods in a brand new, over the shoulder outlook that pits Kratos and his son against a Troll that dare disgrace their place of residence. The combinations are fluid, and the executions are grotesque to say the least. We learned you can gain XP in different skill sets and discover brand new locations in a potentially open world setting…


“Do not be sorry. Be better.”- Kratos

Sony took Kratos’ teaching to heart, because the rest of the night followed suit.

Shawn Layden was very somber when dedicating his thoughts to Orlando. The way it should have been done.

And then the games came…

The trailer for a brand new IP from Bend Studio entitled Days Gone featured a depressed lone wolf from a biker game as he reminisces about what has happened, and prepares for what is to come of his post-apocalyptic world.

Then a brief snippet of what we have all known and have come to dread being delayed again: The Last Guardian, some ten years in the making, has finally received an official release date of October 25, 2016. It’s happening! Gamers rejoice… Team Ico is completing their video game equivalent of the Holy Trinity!

More gameplay footage for Horizon Zero Dawn, showed the main protagonist scanning for weak spots on a vehicular spider and analyzing the spider to find its weakness. There are clear RPG elements shown in some dialogue shared between our protagonist and a friendly NPC. Additionally, we see her searching out to find corruption zones on a decently sized map, and she totally hijacks a mechanical caribou to ride around. I am very guilt-ridden to say I am so bummed it got delayed, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Quantic Dream finally showed us a more involved look of Detroit: Become Human, featuring an android negotiator named Connor who is tasked to negotiate with a rogue android who is holding an innocent little girl hostage on the edge of a rooftop. As any and all Quantic Dream titles go, we know we can expect a slew of choices, and the ability to heavily effect the narrative driven gameplay.


We are then taken into a dark house, alone with a helpless gentleman who gets a phone call warning him to either get out… or die. He walks around the house some, exploring the environment, when suddenly, as clear as day a creepy dude in a hazmat suit walks by. Then, for some ridiculous reason, our protagonist walks down a creepy hallway (reminiscent of PT and/or Allison Road) only to arrive at a table, where lies a solitary VHS tape, which he decides to put in the VCR (never a good idea). Long story short… it’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, slotted to release on January 24, 2017, and a demo is available tonight. It will also feature full VR support.

Speaking of VR titles, Sony announced PlayStation VR coming to North America October 13, 2016 for $399 with over 50 games supporting the technology.

And then, the VR games: Farpoint, a brand new IP from Impulse Gear featuring a space soldier’s undertakings on what seems to be Mars. EA and Dice announced a brand new X-Wing VR Mission for Star Wars Battlefront. Batman Arkham VR was announced as a Sony exclusive coming October 2016; And last but not least, Final Fantasy 15 was given a release date of September 30, 2016 and you can play as Prompto using Sony’s VR technology.

Then came Call of Duty; Infinite Warfare, which looks way cooler than the most disliked trailer on YouTube would suggest. There were giant mech ships in space, gravity grenades and thermal implosions among other things. The trailer followed a squadron battling it out in the sky, on deck, and inside a ship. A brief trailer then showcased the Modern Warfare remaster which will launch alongside Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on November 4, 2016—which will feature the campaign and 10 multiplayer maps. Sony also reminded us that all content will be coming 30 days early for Playstation 4.


Guess who crashed the party after Call of Duty? Crash Bandicoot! It was then announced that Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Crash: Warped will be remastered for the PS4. Crash Bandicoot will also be a character in the upcoming Skylanders Imaginators coming October 2016.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens then premiered a new cinematic trailer with bits of gameplay which was a nice break from the onslaught of what we had just witnessed, and were still struggling to catch our breath from.

Then it happened again…

Kojima takes the stage to premiere a cinematic trailer featuring Norman Reedus, handcuffed on a bleak and black shore, holding a baby, crying with his embrace. Handprints are all over his body and we see a scar across Reedus’ abdomen, alluding to the baby that had vanished right before his very eyes. He finally finds his footing, staring out over the ocean to see the shape of five mysterious silhouettes floating staunchly in the sky. And that was it… That was our first “look” at Death Stranding. Kojima’s brand new IP.


As if my heart wasn’t palpitating irregularly already, a certain small kid from Queens appeared on screen and gave me a coronary. My dude. Spiderman! He will finally be featured in a game where a solid developer in Insomniac Games gives him justice.

Sony ends the conference with a return to Days Gone, showing a gameplay video that illustrates just what we can expect from Bent’s new IP. Tons of zombies were in pursuit, and subsequently mowed down in perfectly rendered, high-resolution gameplay similar to what we could expect if Dead Rising 3 and World War Z had a baby, with a serious temperament.

Grade: A

Analysis: Everything was amazing. It’s a bummer we didn’t see Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Last of Us 2, but look at everything else we got? That’s like the kid who gets a four wheeler, shoulder pads, jerseys, knee pads and a chest piece but still manages to complain about not getting the helmet… I’m going to shut up now.

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