E3 2016: EA press conference reactions

“You’re already bombing EA…” – Myself (five minutes into the conference)

Never have I exhibited such prophetic wisdom in my life. Sadly, what took place after that statement was by far one of the worst E3 pressers I have ever seen in my 20 plus years of playing games and my 2 plus years covering gaming and entertainment mediums.

After EA talked about how great it was that they were broadcasting in London and Los Angeles (which takes away from each audience), they showed the highly anticipated Titanfall 2 trailer. They showed one for multiplayer and one for singe-player. The multiplayer trailer demonstrated great advances and progression since the first game dropped a few years ago. We were shown a real-time grappling hook, players being dismembered and imploded, and advancements in the progression system and weaponry. Vince Zampella also showed a single-player campaign trailer which is a new addition to the beloved series. Titanfall 2 will launch October 28, 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can go to www.titanfall.com to gain early access to a “beta” before the game launches.

EA also talked a great deal about various tournaments that will only host EA Sports games offering a payout of over one million dollars called EA Majors… Yeah.

Mass Effect is widely considered the greatest RPG of all-time and a fourth entry into the franchise on this generation of technology is highly being touted as an early contender for greatest game of all-time. However, the showcase maybe showed an overall three seconds (yes, you read the correctly) of gameplay – if that. It has been two years… maybe we’ll see something next year.

There was a lot of FIFA 17. Even more so for my liking, someone who fervently watches the Premier League and has a local MLS team he supports as well. FIFA 17 will feature a story-mode called The Journey this year. From what was shown, it seems there will be plenty of pitch time with the inevitable drama that pursues in a professional athlete’s life that we read on our preferred social media outlets.

Due to the success of Unravel, EA announced a program called EA Originals which will emphasize games that push the boundaries of exploration and eccentric character building. They announced Fe, which looks like an open-exploration puzzle platformer similar to the likes of Ori and the Blind Forest.

The Star Wars lineup was showcased by a cliché promotion video that talked about next year’s Battlefront installment, a Visceral game in a brand-new Star Wars universe, and a third-person entry from Respawn Entertainment. The theme of the presser: No gameplay!

The conference concluded with EA showing the same trailer back-to-back. The final video showed a few elements involving the dynamic environmental effects and epic vehicle manslaughter that we can expect from the Battlefield series in a fresh new setting that’s simultaneously old and rustic… A paradox if you will.

*We apologize that EA is legitimately blocking all of our videos regardless of giving them full credit. It just goes to show how far gaming journalism has flown in the toilet.

Grade: F+  There are other “f” words I’d love to use but I must keep this bad boy PG.

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