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  1. I am a speech therapist working with a child in 3rd grade who is obsessing over the Skylanders Trap Team.
    Do you have any advice on whether to encourage, tolerate, or discourage?

    John Clabaugh CCC/SLP Florida.

    • Hey John, we appreciate your comment. As much as I would love to have a certain answer for you regarding the most efficient route to take with your student, I’m afraid it depends… Is his/her “obsessing” making him/her less functional. Obviously, for the sake of your therapy, you’ve got things you want to get done with him/her, and so if his/her obsessing is interfering with the important work you are trying to do, then a change of some sort needs to obviously occur. Whether you should ignore, reinforce and/or punish this behavior is beyond me given the scarce amount of details you’ve provided regarding the situation. With that being said, Christopher Maxwell, the founder of Mighty Bloke would be more than happy to discuss this with you further. It is not my intention to “pass you on” to him because I don’t feel that your problem is important, rather it is the exact opposite. My brother has more experience working hands-on with ASD behavioral management and I feel he may be able to offer you some more advice given that experience.

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