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E3 2016: Bethesda press conference reactions

After an un-eventful EA Play (and yes that’s as nice as I can be right now), I was very hesitant with what we might see from Bethesda. The rumor mill had been flowing all week and luckily that river flew right into relief:

The press conference opened up with an amazing cinematic trailer for a brand-new Quake game called Quake Champions that will feature the beloved fast-paced, competitive arena action that the series is acclaimed for. Unfortunately, Quake will only release on PC as of right now. Read more …


Review: Warcraft

The task of successfully adapting a video game to film has become somewhat of a convoluted process for most studios in Hollywood, as is evident when it all began with 1993’s live action big screen adaptation of Super Mario Bros. One of the main criticisms towards these films is that they don’t necessarily follow or hold much regard to the original source material and this is a cycle in which Duncan Jones (who brought us some great pieces of cinema such as Moon and Source Code) wanted to break. Read more …